Planned Obsolessons

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A crowd of champagne-riddled art patrons witness and react to the unveiling of a fountain sculpted by Richard See and the filmmaker. The fountain collapsed the night this film premiered.

"A delightful film of adults seeming to be thrilled by a new 'toy.' Their praise was well spoken and their jovial mood seems prompted more by the drinks than the objective spectacle."
-Pat McGraw

"The fountain and the hills behind were really beautiful. If the sound was supposed to be garbled, that's a cheap way to get a laugh off people. I don't know."
-Leonard Joyce

"Unless your projector's sound flutters, this film is not garbled."
-Doug Wendt

Awards: SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1972. Honorable Mention, Baltimore Film Festival; Honorable Mention, Marin County Fair Film Festival.

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