Doug Wendt

"Doug Wendt posesses one of the most original and zany minds in underground film. He is among a select group of filmmakers, which include Rudy Burckhardt, Herb de Grasse and Karl Krogstad, to name a few, who have forged a totally personal style of filmmaking by blending satire and comedy with a unique perspective of mankind's follies."
-The Pasadena Film Forum program guide

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"Humor is the immediate hooker in the films of Doug Wendt. But unlike most of the joke films which are really one-joke films, Doug Wendt's films continue to please upon repeat viewings. Even the humor works because his humor is based in the language of film in much the way the writings of Thurber, say, derive their humor from the language of words."
-Carmen Vigil, Canyon Cinematheque curator

One Man Film Shows: Canyon Cinematheque, Pasadena Film Forum, Portland Museum,
UC Davis Film Gallery, C. M. Russell Gallery, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Modern Art and more

"Doug Wendt is a versatile film artist with an expansive lyric wit and a gifted ability to work with what is mysterious and absurd in our real lives and collective dreams. The obsessions he shares with us in his work are genuine. His next step is always unpredictable."
-Canyon Cinematheque program guide