Time Offed

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A strange and haunting vision of the catharsis involved in the work and leisure expenditure of an apparently non-distinct punch clock commoner, a human with its face masked in bandages. The cold urban landscape is pocked with such sinister everyday events that even the contents of the commoner's briefcase can only reinforce the veils within. Chock full of very special effects.

"I viewed many films while in San Francisco and was impressed with the creative excellence of a great many of them. Doug Wendt's most successful film, TIME OFFED, refers to the classic Claude Rains version of The Invisible Man while abstractly pursuing the isolation of man in surroundings of overwhelming indifference."
- Bob Cowan, Take One

"Excellent and fantastic special effects!"
- Arthur Knight

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; First Place, Humboldt Film Festival; San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival & more

Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art, New York; Sweet Virginia Film Festival; "Creature Features with Bob Wilkins" broadcasts on KTVU-TV Oakland and KEMO-TV San Francisco

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