Sasquatch Amongst Us

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With Lou and Joel Wendt

"Is man the most developed species on the planet? See dramatic evidence for the existence of ape-like beings.These introverted creatures are examined in detail by scientific experts who probe the reasons behind their elusiveness. Includes historical context, interviews with eyewitnesses and alleged footage of the Sasquatch."
- A carefuly selected film from Hymar-Fulton Text Films

An in depth probe of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon, those legendary giant nocturnal hairy man-like beings that continue to roam vast wilderness areas of the Northwestern United States & Canada. Though done with a somewhat humorous intent, SASQUATCH AMONGST US raises several serious questions concerning mankind's often elitist and threatening realtionship with these amazing creatures.

"I am firmly convinced that the Sasquatch do exist. I have a hunch that they are an advanced
form related to homo sapien which managed to avoid a huge storm of cosmic radiation centuries ago, a torrent so intense that it seared the fur off of mankind's direct ancestiors. Thus we developed a dire need for clothing which mushroomed into a full-scale preoccupation with the physical plane. Our naked ancestors' materialist obsession led down a trail of god-complexes and compettion gone berserk while the Sasquatch developed mental powers in ways we've only recently begun to properly explore."
-Doug Wendt

"The back of my neck gets cold when I think about it."
- Meatball Jimson

"Hallucinations do not leave excrement."
- Dr. Joel Lipschitz

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival, Kenyon Film Festival, Georgia Film Festival, Northern Illinois Film Festival...

Exhibited: Ultrafilm at Oakland Museum, Midnight Movie circuit, Canyon Cinematheque, Pasadena Film Forum, Fly By Night Cinema Berkeley, Ann Arbor Film Festival tour and many more

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