People in the House, The

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Writer, Director, Producer: Louise Bourque; Cast: Jacqueline M. Shadinger (the mother), Julie-Ann Liechty (the older daughter), Meredith Zinner (the younger daughter); Narration: Zack Stieglitz; Assistant Director: Hollie Lavenstein; Director of Photography and Cameraman: Allen Ross; Production Manager: Maria Ramirez; Art Director: Deborah Stratman; Costumes: Angela DeCarlo; Set Dresser and Costumer: Julia Gibbs; Hair and make-up: Julie-Ann Liechty; Assistant Cameramen: Mark Kluiszo, Franklin Cason; Gaffers: John O'Shaughnessy, Hal Marshall; Grips: Dana Briscoe, Tim Fogerty, Arlene Garfield, Erik Steven Vignau; Production Assistants: Sara Bonfig, Helen Stallwitz, Jennifer Twomey, Bridgette Wilson; Sound recording and sound effects: Louise Bourque, Mark Bain; Optical effects: Louise Bourque; Sound and picture editing: Louise Bourque, Élène Tremblay.

THE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE explores the dynamics of a family in crisis and questions the role of religious devotion in that context. The different elements in the film are used in an expressive and poetic way and work together to create an artificial yet convincing claustrophobic universe, a fragile space between memory, fantasy and dream, a place of tension between harmony and chaos.

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