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Louise Bourque

Louise Bourque is an Acadian French Canadian filmmaker living in the Boston area where she teaches cinema. Her films have been presented in forty countries in five continents. Screenings at international festivals include Sundance, Rotterdam, Toronto, Tribeca, San Francisco, Kerala, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and London. US broadcasts include PBS and the Sundance Channel. Bourque's work was presented at the 50th Robert Flaherty Film Seminar and is currently being screened as part of the 2006 Whitney Biennial

"Louise Bourque makes beautifully evocative films about memory and recollection [...]."
-Andy Spletzer, The Stranger, Seattle, February 4-10, 1999.


Jours en fleurs 35mm, color, sound, 4.5 minutes, 2003, $60

Self Portrait Post Mortem 35mm, color, sound, 2.5 minutes, 2002, $50

Going Back Home 35mm and 16mm, color, sound, 2 x 30 seconds, 2000, 16mm:$30, 35mm:$50

Fissures 16mm, color, sound, 2.5 minutes, 1999, $30

The People In The House 16mm, color, sound, 22 minutes, 1994, $85

Imprint 16mm, color, sound, 14 minutes, 1997, $60

Just Words 16mm, color, sound, 10 minutes, 1991, $45

Jolicoeur Touriste 16 mm, color, 10 minutes, 1989, $45

I began making films in 1987. The possibilities that film offers for poetic expression as a visual medium are what led me to filmmaking. My work reveals a particular preoccupation for inner life and personal history. I am interested in fabricating environments in which the time and space continuum is fragmented as well as exploring the fragility of the boundaries between memory, fantasy and dream.