Bye Bye Now

Rental Format(s): 35mm film / Digital File - DCP

The very gesture of waving HELLO to the movie camera in itself (re)presents a recurring GOODBYE to a fleeting moment. Made in homage to my father, this film traces past lives lived in these personal 8mm family archives he left me.

"BYE BYE NOW is cruel. A movie traumatized by time, which is the passing of time and all that inhabits it. Movies play into that, their only purpose is to reduce the living to shocked witnesses of those drowning before their eyes. Children are unknowing, not seeing or suspecting the wave overtaking them. Movie stars at least know what they're doing and demand money for dying before the 'objective' camera (certainly aging as we watch from movie to movie). 'Movie shots', what an expression. It tells you that someone understood what mischief they were up to way back at the very beginning of cinema. [...] that's my take on [this] immaculate work." -- Ken Jacobs

Production formats: 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, HD Video

Editing: Louise Bourque with Guillaume Vallée
Sound: 1:17 by Scott Haggart, Lary Seven, Felix Kubin

Selected Screenings:
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal, October 2022
Archivio Aperto Festival, Bologna, October 2022
UnArchive Film Festival, Rome, May 2023

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