Sound of Peace

Rental Format(s): 35mm film

Created and directed by Barry J. Hershey.

In Production with: Walden Woods Film Company, Limited; Producer: Dave. D. Johnson; Editor: Marc Grossman; Cinematographer: Jay Roach; Music: Nawang Khechog.

SOUND OF PEACE is a cinematic meditation. Utilizing the deep resonance of the didgeridoo - played by Nawang Khechog, a former Buddhist Monk - the film gently, yet powerfully, transforms the viewer's sense of possibility for inner and world peace. A synthesis of viscerally experienced waves of sound and engaging images creates a calm and transcendant experience.

Awards: Gold Award, Worldfest Charleston; Honorable Mention, New England Film Festival; Golden Special Jury Award, Grand Award for Best Experimental Film, Worldfest Houston.

Exhibition: The Hamptons Int'l Film Festival, NY, October 1997; Worldfest Charleston, Houston, TX, November 1997; Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival, March 1998; New England Film Festival, Boston, MA, March 1998; Filmfest Dresden, April 1998; Worldfest Houston, April 1998; USA Film Festival, April 1998; Nashville Independent Film Festival, June 1998.

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