Barry Hershey

The filmmaker's personal odyssey began at age 16 when he ran away from home.
At 18, he became a seaman in the Merchant Marines working on the Pacific
Ocean. By this means, and while studying in Europe, he visited 25 countries
in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas by the time he was 21 years old.

His activities have included playing rugby for many years, parachuting, and
white water rafting down the Colorado. He has painted. And he has studied
acting under Charles Conrad and Stella Adler. He meditates regularly.

He studied filmmaking at MIT and Harvard University and received an MFA from
USC School of Cinematic Arts.

His films have played in film festivals, universities and art museums all over the world, winning numerous awards including a CINE Golden Eagle and a Gold Medal at the Chicago International
Film Festival. They have shown on network and public television and HBO. His first feature film, The Empty Mirror, completed in 1996, made its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and was distributed by Lions Gate. Kino International distributed his next feature, Casting About. His most recent film,

Leading To War, is available for free viewing at: