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Rental Format(s): 16mm film

39 fragments of an Indian feature film with French and Arabic subtitles were found on Boulevard Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah in Casablanca. 21 were used to (re)construct a one-minute story comprising four thematic areas: 1 love, 2 jealousy, 3 crime, 4 business. Each of the four headings has a colour and a word assigned with it. 1 orange/Film, 2 turquoise/Speaks, 3 violet/Many, 4 blue/Languages.

"The painter Jackson Pollack was of the opinion that emotion was to be found in the material, in the colour itself, to which Coppola quipped with regard to film - 'the emotion is the emulsion.' Cinema is necessarily bound by its material parameters. The staccato coloured inserts in this film are not the only things to demonstrate this proposition. The found film pictures themselves reveal the plasticity of celluloid. Not even the perforations and soundtrack forming the side boundaries of the frame manage to detract from the unexpected and alien character of the image. A one-minute piece of colour, material, emotions, market and cultural cross-over." - Elisabeth B├╝ttner

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