Gustav Deutsch

Born Vienna 1952. Drawings since 1962. Music since 1964. Photography since 1967. Architecture since 1970. Videos since 1977. Films since 1981. Sounds since 1981. Performances since 1983. In Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, England, Morocco, Greece and Turkey.

Member of MEDIENWERKSTATT WIEN from 1980-1983. Member of DER BLAUE KOPRESSOR Floating & Stomping Company since 1983. Member of SIXPACK FILM since 1996.

"What is very convincing in Gustav Deutsch's cinema is the energy of a project which has been rigorously accomplished. But there is even more. Warm sight which is able to generate curiosity and contact, and then politically irreducible and consequent, which emerges from that rigorously prearranged system of vision. A theorem of classicism drawn out by means of an inexorable and unblurred experimental cinema." - Allesandro Rais, LĂ­mmagine leggera, Palermo

"Many of Gustav Deutsch's works are dominated by a gesture of pause, of all-around and general view. Without hesitation he puts, where he does not work with found footage, himself into the centre. As well behind, as in front of the camera, he focuses in his work on a phenomenology of gestures and performances, not unlike the text miniatures of Vilem Flusser." - Bert Rebhandl, Der Standard, Vienna

"Gustav Deutsch - an archaeologist of the cinema, studying the choreography of banality: a view on the subtle, hidden dancing steps of daily life." - Stefan Grissemann, Die Presse, Vienna