Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

In cooperation with Mostafa Tabbou / Morocco.

An authentic film-experiment in 600 takes, three seconds each. A European's private images in Africa and an African's in Europe. A mutual perception of the one's and the other's native place.

As a child I pictured an oasis to myself as a small lake surrounded by palms, with nothing but sand dunes around it. Only when I first visited an oasis ten years ago, did I have to realise that my picture was wrong. In a similar way this happened to me with almost all those exotic pictures of travel lust impressed upon my mind by children's books, travel folders and motives on bank notes. I was quite surprised when I discovered pictures of snowscaped mountains in many caf?s in North Africa. Pictures, like my own of the oasis, immediately exposed to me such false identities one people establishes of another country, another culture, another people, and which are maintained as scenery for foreigners all over the world, to avoid "dis"-illusions. Precisely these "dis"-illusions opened my eyes.

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