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100 Elements of repetition in Life and Film. Rhythmically repeated movements were a presupposition for the origin of our life. From our first breathing on rhythmically repeated movements of hearts and lungs regulate our blood circulation and respiration. Because of rhythmically repeated motions we are able to move. The repetition of everyday rituals sets our daily course. Repetition determines our working life and characterizes sports. Music and dance, poetry and rhetoric are based upon repetition.

"With the POCKET CINEMA project I want to trace the repetitions in life and film as an attempt at the essential elements of film - motion and time." - Gustav Deutsch

"'Attempt' implies foremost the shared experience of a test battery that has achieved an accumulation of a further, productive unknowingness. It is about strangeness in the acquainted." - Der Standard

"Gustav Deutsch assumes the role of the ethnologist of daily life, who reduces versatility to the common denomination of a general pattern." - Salzburger Nachrichten

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