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(March 2004) 16mm 11:00
CAST: Flora at Cornwall & Amory Streets, Boston, MA

Optical Printer courtesy of Handcranked Films, Waltham, MA
Processed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers

Decrescendo of an urban arboreal landscape under siege:

Life shivers as the ground beneath and sky above tremble.

The floral life that has taken root over the decades in the lot next door to me has recently had its inevitable fate as denizens of an urban landscape: what we euphemistically term "redevelopment" translates as certain death for the squatters of the world we like to call our own. This film brings arboreal life that has inspired me over the years to the fore, in a piece that's title is meant as much to reflect its structure as to underscore the portentous nature of its subject.

- RT

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