Robert Todd

Robert Todd (1963-2018) was a profoundly creative and compassionate person who expressed raw emotion through the medium of film. He was a prolific filmmaker, a dedicated mentor and educator, a painter of dark wonders, and a musical prodigy. His cinema had a profound influence on the international experimental film community, embracing the deep complexity of the natural world and reflecting his internal self, sometimes through multiple mirrors. According to Robert, making films allowed him "to wonder deeply and learn, from what ends up shimmering on the screen, about how my inner world resonates with the outer world through this transformational medium." He would walk out of his apartment with a loaded camera while holding a feeling in his heart, and make wonderous moving paintings - an impulse he nurtured in generations of experimental filmmakers. Robert's greatest source of inspiration was the poetry of Tessa Day. He is terribly missed by the many people whose lives he changed.


Exile (2018)
Gems (2018)
Shrine (2018)
Fantasies (2017)
LightFall (2017)
Old World (2017)
Tumble (2015)
Falling (2014)
Short (2013)
Spans (2013)
Threshold (2013)
Habitat (2012)
Within (2012)
Dig (2007)
Interplay (2007)
Evergreen (2006)
Thunder (2004)
Stable (2003)
Clip (2001)