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(November 2003) 16mm 7:00
CAST: Rock-On-Bye & Hunnewell Farm
Post Facilities courtesy of Emerson College
Processed and Printed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers

"The family-run farm is a staple of romantic Americana. Industrialization's reformation of our material and ideological makeup brought with it an idealized notion of the Farm as a point of origin and innocence, and in so doing created a cultural rift between agriculturists and bourgeois. Film's entry onto the cultural stage coincided with the high watermark of industrial hegemony in the Western world, and as a product of Industry, provided a new representational language for bourgeois culture. As such, the character of the lens through which the filmmaker posits the Farm has been either romantic or ethnographic.

This film brings the aesthetics of that romanticism to a rather complicated crossroad, creating, through the maker's necessarily bourgeois eye and means, an ersatz cycle of life that resists simplicity.

All image layering in this work was done in-camera." - RT

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