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(December, 2014) 16mm film 6:00
CAST: Boston, MA

FALLING is made from a series of gestural performances conjuring the darkness of the fall: the action, the season, the spiritual/psychic state.

There are three different (gestural) approaches to the "walks" taken here.

The first is a simple slow drifting from my apartment into the realm just outside my door, moving lazily with and through the forms at play there, as the breath of the wind shifts throughout the environs.

The second is a collection of still images snapped at intervals along the way to the place in which I work, an evolving dynamic of glimpses that trace a disjunctive, impressionistic pathway describing the route of my life.

The third is the Falling that is the dark undercurrent that thrums within these spaces, following a retraced path back toward home, but focusing on the ground, pushing through the darkness in to the dead elements that make up the world beneath our feet, amidst starbursts of enigmatic origins.

- RT

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