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Interior Landscape (Re:Voir DVD)

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"Having made over 60 films over the past two decades, Robert Todd has a mastery of 16mm filmmaking that eschews categorization. As effective with the clarity and efficiency of the documentary form as he is with the mysterious shapes and shadows of the lyrical mode, Todd records the world with a sympathetic eye. Feathers and fields, stones and skin are rendered with sculptural accuracy, emerging from darkness into light, from focus to blur, refreshing and refining our own sense of vision. From prisons to playgrounds, streetscapes to landscapes, interiors to underbrush, there seems to be no place or object that resists transformation through the deft manipulations of Robert Todd's lens."
-LIFT, Toronto

"When I film, I enter into a dialogue with the world, directly. I present myself (with camera) openly to the inhabited space surrounding me, a space I choose to join with and inhabit dynamically, seeing it and living within it as it is, not as I would dream or wish it to be. The world approaches me as I approach it. It shifts and changes not apart from me, but inclusive of my presence and my motions within it. My gestures, my vision, and the questions I find myself asking, are shaped by that which is immediately present for me within this world that I find myself a part of: I am led by it, as a hunter seeking treasure, as a dancer seeking contact, compelled by certain attractions (of form, of light, of motion, of tone, of substance) that the world provides and the camera interprets in heightened form, as I move through it and as it moves with and around me."
-Robert Todd

EVERGREEN 15', 2005, 16mm, color
INTERPLAY 6', 2006, 16mm, color
HABITAT 9', 2012m 16mm, color
UNDERGROWTH 11', 2011, 16mm, color
WITHIN 8', 2012, 16mm, color
THRESHOLD 13', 2013, 16mm, color

Publisher: ReVoir

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