Fable: I Want the World Clean

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"Fable: I want the world, clean"
(June 1999) 16mm 15:30
CAST: Voices of Karen Kimball & Mitch Finneran
Appearing: David Goldenberg, Robert Todd, Rita McDonough, Angela Stigliano, Mary Todd
Camera: Robert Todd, Mary Todd, Vanessa O'Neill, Deb Todd Wheeler
Sound: Glenn Smith, Robert Todd, Sofia Paraskeva
Locations: Jeff Goodman, Robert MacLaughlin, Deb Todd Wheeler, Jim Fine, Jim and Suzanne Weston, Ken and Pat Todd
Thanks to JayMor Enterprises, Emerson College, Mass College of Art, the Stigliano Family, Carl Masandrea, Martha Vorenberg
Optical Printer courtesy of Vanessa O'Neill
Processed at Cine Labs
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers

A non-fiction fantasy musing on the violence we do to the world and our histories by trying to rid them of impurities, this fantastic "tale" centers on a family's house passed down through five generations.

- RT

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