In Loving Memory

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

People facing death share their life experiences...

Mixing memories and deeds, the subjects of this film recount what they have gone through and what they have made of their lives under the most difficult of circumstances.

Contributors to this film include members of my family, friends, people I work with and people fom around the country I'd never met before but were willing to share their joys and struggles in life, and the contributions they've made to the world around them.

People who've helped with this film and are struggling to make this world a better place include:

CAST: (by phone from Death Row)

Jesse Johnson, Maurice Mason, Saddiq Hasan, Jeffrey Ferguson, Dennis Skillicorn,Marlon Grey,Bobby Mayes,Ricky Clay,Jesse Pratt

writing in their responses from Death Row:

Shahid Muhammad, Abu-Ali Abdur Rahman, Mumia Abu Jamal, Kenneth Foster, Arthur Tyler, Karl Terry,


Kathlene Donohue, Robbie McCauley, Sarah Hickler, Marc Cohen, Daniel Brenner

other players:

Processed at Cine Labs
Film-to-Tape by Steve Baldwin at National Video
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers

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16mm film $180.00  

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