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(2005) 16mm, 15:30
Appearing: Tessa Day and flies from La Villette, France, features of the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, Harbor in Hamburg, Germany, and Boston, MA, Containers from Around the world, birds from Boston.
Image and sound by Robert Todd
Printed at Cine Labs

A short film reflecting on the act of landscape as portraiture.

Light and color gradually build around the rich floral life of an urban park. A woman paints in its midst using flower petals as both pigment and brush. Flies gather to drink from the paper.

The sky shimmers in reflection on a river as shadows and silhouettes of people follow the movement of containers in the harbor amid the growing din of machinery.

Containers are moved into position to stake their claim in a welcoming architectural environment. Nature takes its meager place along side them.

Birds swirl overhead.

This is one in a series of representations of urban nature under siege.

- RT

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