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Rising Tide

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Rising Tide
(2005) 16mm 24:00
CAST: Konrad and Ursula Brzezinski, Anthony Ioveno, Joe Lamberti

Processed at Cine Labs
Film-to-Tape by Steve Baldwin at National Video
Cut by Northeast Negative Matchers

This co-production with Michael Dwyer is an expansion of the themes and subjects introduced in "Watch". The film looks at 3 men who have been running their long-standing businesses in Rye, NY (a suburb of NYC) for most of their lives, but have found it increasingly difficult to continue as the nature of the town's and the world's economy has changed over the years.

The quote above for which the film is named was a mantra of the so-called "free market" right throughout and beyond the Reagan years. Many small business owners, craftsman and artisans have watched their livelihoods take turns for the worse as the culture of cheap disposable goods and computer-driven manufacture strives to push them and their culture into oblivion.

- RT

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