Ignorance Before Malice

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A true story-and the aesthetic sequel of the filmmaker's recovery process following a
1993 auto accident. Parallel voices of narrativized testimony describing a woman's struggle to heal within the American medical system, and a personal rumination on the journey through a sudden rupture of health into disability. Feeling my brain in the act of consciousness in viewing the MRI cells, images from art history, personal history and fantasy exploded, as did the elements of the sound track. Filmed entirely on the animation stand (except for that one little shot).

Ignorance Before Malice premiered in 2006 at the Light Cone Previews in September at the Pompidou Center, Paris; it showed at the TIE Festival in Denver, CO ; at the FLEX Festival in Gainesville, FL; and was an official festival selection at the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival. (Sandra Davis)

Original material was created by scanning images in books, or MRI cells, reworking these images digitally, then printing these onto transparent materials which acted as old-fashioned animation cells,which were then stacked together with colored gel materials and photographed frame-by-frame on a traditional film animation stand. Also integrated were other traditional "hands-on" animation techniques, such as stop-action of objects (and hands). I was particularly intrigued with the qualities of image resulting from the marriage of both digital and emulsion-based photographic techniques. My decision to use only digitally recorded sound (usually I use both analog and digital sources) was based on a personal evaluation of the digital audio quality as more "glassy" and hard-edged, as the quality of the imagery itself.

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