Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis is a San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker and curator whose work has been exhibited at film showcases and festivals worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou Center, Paris. She has held teaching positions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of South Florida, and the San Francisco Art Institute. She has lectured widely in the US and Europe on experimental cinema and its place within modern and contemporary art.

Many of my works center around the body as the site of imagistic and dynamic foundations that structure human impulses, feelings and thoughts. Imagery of natural landscape and architecture reoccur. All the films, as with any rhythmic forms, are meant to be understood through the body and senses, as well as the conceptual mind. Editing tactics contrast fluid image and lyrical tempos with jagged, metric rhythms. Contradictory meaning can emerge and traditionally understood meaning can collapse in the parallel streams of images, which pulsate together until one of them takes over. The films utilize a variety of cinematographic techniques, which emphasize the light- infused and textural qualities of the photographic frame. I have always been, and remain dedicated to, the cinematic form which lives on a photosensitized emulsion struck by light and existing in the space between the projector and the screen - in the viewers eyes and minds. (Sandra Davis)

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16mm film, traveling at 24 frames per second, sears the eye and brain with meaning that must be synthesized by the viewers consciousness into a whole by the end of the viewing and it is not uncommon for persons to report that they saw a film quite differently in repeated, successive viewings. Throughout my career, installation and wall pieces created using elements, images, and thematics from a film as source, have allowed me to rework certain imagery, re-contextualize it (as in a collage process) and to isolate and develop certain of the multiple strains that one film might evoke. This is the process that results in the series All That Remains.

All That Remains Series 2011-2012
Giclee and chromogenic prints, from 16mm film frame scans and digital print originals

LEONARDO SOUND MAN chromogenic print
24x13.5 2011

BLAKEMAN DOUBLE chromogenic print
31.5x17 2012

24x12.5 2012

BREAST ECHO BRAIN giclee print
23.5x13.5 2011

ANGEL HEART giclee print
19x12 2012

HAND EGG HEART chromogenic print
16.5x11.5 2012

17x13 2011