For a Young Filmmaker / A une jeune cineaste

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There are two paths in my work as a filmmaker. Movies longer, dense works, an image editing / sound complicated. Other films are composed of small stories without narration - you could probably see them as a kind of odes. Here ode such as the veneration of a particular moment of life and feelings passionate about a place where one has lived in the past. This is the first of three short films, all three rotated there for years. I understood that they were related to each other. But each one individually. I worked on three at a time and it is the first out.

Ambient sounds and the sound of human voices are part of my compositions image / sound. Here, mixing a sort of choir voices. I wanted to create long bilingual films, in honor of my friends and French colleagues, and in honor of the French language I is so beautiful to the ear, so precise and at the same time, so capricious in his mood swings and his poetry everyday.

I think of this work as an ode, in the french sense - an ode to, an ode for, a moment of reverence and passion of place. Making a short form, in awe - feeling and facing presence time. A blissful Another Time travel into, but Here, and Now, through the magic of cinema.

Sound and voice are integral to my work, Their wedding culminates in the whole. I've wanted to do some work All which can be appreciated fully by my friends and colleagues in France, Where I Spend Time Each year. And I love the language of french: so sonorous, and so true, and at times, so capricious in icts wimseys potential of metaphor. Sound here is really a chorus of voices. English and french vocals, an outdated LP of Entirely unhelpful french lessons; has stolen reading of Rilke's "Letters to a Young Poet" by a young Catherine Deneuve in a knockout performance.

- Sandra Davis

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