Crepescule: Pond and Chair

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

My brother was disabled by muscular dystrophy and used a wheelchair for most of his life. Despite the long, gradual degeneration of his physical condition, he lived with great spirit
and heart, married, raised two children, volunteered for his church and was still working at his profession and building his fish pond on his land, when he died suddenly of complications of MD at age 52. He was my only brother and when I myself was disabled 13 years ago in an auto accident, his attitude of practical adaptations to physical impairments was one that made it easier for me.

In an irony of life, a little Christmas message from him arrived two days after his sudden death. This event impelled me to respond with a film. The chair was his mobility in life; the pond he created was his dream.

This film is a little elegy song to him, simultaneously celebrating his life and mourning his family's personal loss. (Sandra Davis)

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