Kinder Rose Prelude

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"The sense of genuine timelessness as much as needed counterpoint to all 'retro' facsimiles thereof (which sums up just about everything these days...) Simply beautiful! Smashingly good as well: tight, rhythmic, self-assured - the life cycle at work, not afraid to show the darker side."
- Timoleon Wilkins

"I was also impressed by how little 'play acting' for the camera there was. With children you were able to catch a number of magic moments... raw, real, authentic, on the beach, in different seasons, playing on swings, feeding a farm animal. So much more meaningful than 'home movies' with kids taking on false faces with the awareness that the 'audience will be watching.' There is a certain monotony, and repetition, much more so than in adulthood, and a pattern that was repeated throughout the piece. A suggestion of day, and then night... The clear and meaningful activities of the day, followed by the processing of these events in the dream world (negative images, and ones with a filter (I assume) - so rich with color! The kite flying on the beach with the red and yellows... So delicious for the eye). This is a film about the passing of time. Children growing up in a blink of the shutter."
- Brent Poole

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