Bruce James Cooper

Beginning as a student of Stan Brakhage and other greats of the experimental film movement, Mr. Cooper's personal quest has been all his own. And the substance of his vision concerns no less than the spiritual nature of experience. Each of his films has offered up many images of great beauty and each seems to me to have built upon the one before for it's insights into meaning--that is, into consciousness of the divine ever-present in daily life. For me, both his full maturity as an artist and even perhaps as a seer has arrived in Kinder Rose Series. Perhaps the only way to speak of the spiritual in our time is not to speak at all -- but to be the Thing Perceived, to allow it to arise in the fluid, lovely memory that is the work of art. Anyway, that is what I believe Mr. Cooper has achieved in this latest film.
-- M.S. Mason


For Iona (2012)
Nocturne (2001)
Passio (2000)
Firepage (1991)