Romance in Solitude

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"Cooper's ROMANCE IN SOLITUDE is a lyrical hero's journey in four parts. The filmmaker himself searches for beauty/truth, but stumbles over his own identity as well. He begins his quest in the zone between man and nature, speaking of love and languishing with desire. [In his quest] he encounters war, philosophy, religion. He idealizes beauty. This poor Knight fails in his quest. Ultimately, [ROMANCE IN SOLITUDE] is a beautiful, painful tale told by a man with a terrific eye for the flash and splendor of light through the lens of a hand-held camera." - M.S. Mason

"Among those who attempt to exist without human sympathy, the pure and tender-hearted perish through the intensity and passion of their search after its communities, when the vacancy of their spirit suddenly makes itself felt. All else, selfish, blind, and torpid, are those unforseeing multitudes who constitute, together with their own, the lasting misery and loneliness of the world." - Percy Shelley, from Preface to Alastor

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