Goodbye Pig

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Goodbye Pig
Goodbye Phil
Goodbye Sweet Things that Once Were

A reminiscence of an unknowable past. An homage to 'pigfill' aka slug - a found footage film constructed almost entirely of decayed/abused fill. The fill, once spliced into 16mm magnetic audio tracks of another film, had been stored in a wet basement. Water damage had caused the two to stick together. I was asked to replace the fill in order to transfer the audio to a digital medium for preservation purposes. I removed and spliced the bits of discarded picture together and projected it in an effort to gain some understanding of the original footage. Later I reprinted it, via the optical printer, fascinated by the bits of picture/past left unobscured by the residual blotches of mag, and in doing so I literally watched its continued demise; its further fall into chaos. Similarly, the audio is primarily the original audio, including the noise from the magnetic track, both verbatim and manipulated.

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