Untitled (Objects 3)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A pink paper shape is examined through the clear plastic of a cassette case in a series of combinations of found objects held up together in front of the camera. Colors and transparencies pose as gels and lenses until the sequence shifts making materials behave unnaturally, mixing up insides with outsides, light with color, opacity with transparency, time with place. Left and right are forced together preventing any physical point of contact. A film and sculptural enquiry into the depth and slippage between a two dimensional field and its actual location in three dimensional space.

"Sophie Michael's Untitled (Objects 3) examine objects themselves with a certain detachment, regarding them afresh, asking us to do the same... a measured, accomplished experiment."
- Adam Pugh, Director of AURORA Film Festival, 2008

"Sophie Michael's Untitled (Objects 3) provides a direct resonance to the shapes and forms of Fischinger's work. Michael builds images on three combined visual planes, superimposing objects over each other so their forms and colours interact. Michael#s film has a spontaneous in the moment feel to the layering of images, as we see her desk strewn with possible alternative shapes, objects and colours- each tense with the potential of visual combination. It is a strong exploratory piece, the constant question being what happens when this is added to this?"
- Chris Kennedy, Programmer of Early Monthly Segments Screenings, Toronto, 2009

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