2 Early Films - Frank Stauffacher

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Maker: Frank Stauffacher
Original format: 16mm silent film 1.37:1
Featuring Frank and Jack Stauffacher
New music: Rodney Sauer
Courtesy: Jack Stauffacher and Greenwood Press

The 2 little films represent the earliest known surviving efforts at creative filmmaking by Frank Stauffacher.

Fragment from "Caroland's Mansion" 1938
16mm bw-clr tints silent 1:28 min
"Greatly inspired by silent serials, this brief fragment of a now lost longer film, Caroland's Mansion, is intriguing. Stauffacher's sense of film space and time are clear, and the possibilities within imply a latent Alice Guy or Louis Feuillade in the making." -Bruce Posner

Bicycle Polo in San Mateo 1940-42
16mm bw-color sound 4:35 min
"Bicycle Polo at San Mateo features the Stauffacher brothers, Frank and Jack, and others playing the lost sport of bicycle polo on the lawn of San Mateo Park. The film reveals a profound sense of place that would permeate Stauffacher's later experimental films." -Dominic Angerame

Frank Stauffacher (1917-1955) was recognized as "one of America's leading authorities on the experimental motion picture" (New York Times). He made the renowned pioneer San Francisco films, Sausalito (1948) and Notes on the Port of St. Francis (1951). He was equally honored for his groundbreaking film series "Art in Cinema" held between 1946 and 1954 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as well as the 1947 historic publication, Art in Cinema: A Symposium on the Avantgarde Film Together with Program Notes and References for Series One of Art in Cinema. -Bruce Posner

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