Glens Falls Sequence - Douglass Crockwell

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Maker: Douglass Crockwell
Original format: 16mm silent film 1.37:1
Intentionally silent
Courtesy: Douglass Crockwell, Johanna Crockwell, George Eastman Museum

For this collection of very short animations, made over a nine-year period, Douglass Crockwell added or removed non-drying paint on glass frame by frame, squeezed paint between two sheets of glass, or finger-painted. Glens Falls is the town in New York State where Crockwell lived, worked, and raised his family. -Cecile Starr

Douglass Crockwell (1904-1968), artist, filmmaker, and inventor, needs introduction in all three fields. His commercial illustrations compare well to those of his near namesake, Norman Rockwell. His films include paintings on glass and sliced wax abstractions. Among Crockwell's inventions are his Pan-Stereo camera and a modified Mutoscope for displaying sequential art. -Cecile Starr

David Smith (1906-1965) was an acclaimed sculptor, draughtsman, and painter. From the early to mid-1930s, Smith made photographs conceived as abstract collages and after 1945 as documents of his own sculptures. His relationship with artists Douglass Crockwell and Leo Lances resulted in his collaboration on film projects during the mid to late 30s. -Bruce Posner

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