La Mer - Ovady Julber

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Maker: Ovady Julber
Original format: R8mm to 16mm sound film 1.37:1
Music: Claude Debussy
Technical Note: Image quality poor due to VHS telecine of film now considered "lost."

Little is known of this rare experimental film that predates similar experiments of professionals Slavko Vorkapich and John Hoffman with their experimental "Moods of the Sea." Produced in 1936 on the first available 8mm equipment and subsequentialy blown up to 16mm, this forgotten "lost" classic is a pioneer attempt to visualize a musical composition in pure cinema. -Bruce Posner

Great poem "La Mer"...Ovady Julber, who is a stargazer and has a sense of destiny...-Carl Sandburg

This film in its poetry of motion would be a filmic feat if it had been made by MGM, Paramount, and Warner Bros. combined. It is even more so, considering that it was done by a single man with an 8mm. camera! -TIME MAGAZINE

I knew Ovady Julber very well in the 1960's and still have many memories of his recounting of the making of the 8mm film La Mer in or around 1932 using "cutting in the camera" techniques. The music was taken from the 78s of conductor Coppola. -Donald Morris

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