Suspense - Lois Weber

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Co-makers: Lois Weber, Philips Smalley
Production: Rex Pictures
Original format: 35mm silent film 1.33:1
New music: Eric Beheim

A 1913 advertisement for D.W. Griffith claimed credit for practically everything in the movies. With Suspense Weber and Smalley hijacked the plot of one of his Biograph's A Woman Scorned (1912) while showing Griffith a few things he hadn't thought of. However, the split-screens had been established earlier in Denmark. -Kevin Brownlow

Lois Weber (1881-1939), a former social worker, was a cinematic reformer, making films on social subjects in the teens with her husband Philips Smalley. - Kevin Brownlow

The grandson of Oliver Wendall Holmes, Philips Smalley (1875-1939) was a veteran of theatre and opera. As one actress who worked with them said, "Lois Weber did the directing, Smalley did the shouting." - Kevin Brownlow

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