Solitary Acts #5

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

Materials: Wittnerchrome, Exacto Knife, Fishing Line, Sewing Machine

The filmmaker films herself practice kissing with a mirror. She recalls teenage memories of overconsumption, confusing oral fixations (kissing and eating). She ends up eating the carrot she is masturbating with, and she feels a sense of cannibalism. The components of the background of the scene are broken down and filmed in extreme closeups. These wave and play with one another: when text over-consumes the image it transforms into the backdrop fabric where the filmmaker physically attaches the film together with fishing line.

Production format: 16mm

Projection Note: The print is technically silent, but the sound needs to be turned on during the projection of this film to hear the film crackling itself.

Solitary Acts #5 | Jury Award - Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, 2016
Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | 2nd Place- Unexposed, Durham, NC, 2016

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Digital File $50.00  

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