Nazli Dincel

Nazli Dinçel (Turkey / USA) is a first-generation immigrant born in Ankara, Turkey. They studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their films have screened at museums, festivals, and micro-cinemas around the world, including the MoMA and MoMI (NY), IFF Rotterdam, MuMok (Vienna), BAFICI (Buenos Aires), Hong Kong IFF, etc. Dinçel's hand-made work reflects on experiences of disruption. They record the body in context with arousal, immigration, dislocation, and desire with the film object: its texture, color, and the tractable emulsion of the 16mm material. Their use of text as image, language, and sound imitates the failure of memory and their own displacement within a western society. Dinçel is recipient of The Helen Hill Award from the Orphan Film Symposium, Ann Arbor Film Festival's Eileen Maitland Award, a Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowship (2018), and a 2019-2020 Radcliffe Institute Fellowship at Harvard University. They live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they are building an artist-run film laboratory, part of a global network of collectives that work with analogue film.