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"Elements refers not only to the natural elements, which are variable and even capricious, but also to the social elements, working-class people who are trying to maintain order and routine."
- Karen Treanor, NYFF "Views from the Avant Garde"

"Eyedrops of pearl-grey rain bead along the surfaces of Gotham City. Peripatetic man "on the beat" Jennings plays raincatcher, capturing the moments of parenthetical reflection brought on by weather and its softening force of delay. He finds, in the small details of off-handed moments under close observation, elective affinities - a casual pageant of relative inactivity, and the specialties of ordinary goings-on muted by precipitation.

"Elements is an ode to fortuitous inclemency. With his eye for formal abstraction in near perfect balance with drifting documentation Jennings perseveres, in a city nearly photographed to death, in bringing to light familiar elements saved from disregard and savored into sharp filmic articulation."
- Mark McElhatten

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