Jim Jennings

James Robertson Jennings, usually referred to professionally as Jim Jennings (1951-2022), was an American experimental filmmaker and photographer. His films have been screened at some dozen solo shows in the United States and Europe, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the San Francisco Cinematheque to the Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany, International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and the Viennale in Austria. His work has also been included in group shows at the Whitney Museum, The Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival's "Views from the Avant Garde." Jennings's work has been shown at major venues since 1973, beginning at the Collective for Living Cinema. His black-and-white, silver gelatin photographic prints have been exhibited in gallery shows in New York City and are included in at least one, major art collection.



Bruges (2007)
Greenpoint (2007)
Silk Ties (2006)
Elements (2003)
Balancing (2002)
Nocturne (2002)
Interior (2001)
City Opera (2000)
Wash (1999)
Intrigue (1998)
Silvercup (1998)
Lost and Found (1983/2013)
San Cristobal (1983/2011)
Leaves (1975)
Proximity (1973)
Refraction (1972)