Elective: ART

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Elective: ART is an art rock film that reflects on my twenty year journey as a high school art teacher. I combine original song writing and spoken word with performance art, archival footage and direct 16mm film elements to celebrate the freedom of imagination, autonomy in creativity and necessity of creative practices in our schools. The film depicts an art wizard unlocking a student's imagination sending them into a surreal world where a color wheel escapes the classroom. Aided by primary colors, a hero's journey ensues as the class clown is tasked with retrieving the wheel and freeing other students from the tedium of their school day.

Video, Music & Text: written, recorded, edited & performed by Tommy Becker

Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synth & Drum Programming - Tommy Becker
Video synth elements by Kit Young
Interlude sound by Tommy Becker & Lori Varga
Rhythm bed on Teenage Shaman by Stephen Becker
"Yes and No" - Written & Read by Richard Olsen
Shadow animations on, "Line, Shape, Hue" by Lydia Greer
Operatic vocals on, "Deer Children" by Caroline Joy Clarke
Bass guitar on "Into the Night", "Marks We Made" & "Find" by John-Paul McLean
Marbled 16mm film by Lori Varga
Mask animation by Greedy Limb
Vocals recorded at Different Fur Studios
Songs mixed by Grace Coleman
Archival 16mm films sourced by Craig Baldwin
Other archival footage sourced from Prelinger Archive & POND5

A huge thank you to all my students for participating in this film and creative adventures over the years! Dedicated to teachers and artists of every age.

* Note: Live cinema performance of this work available upon request.

Production format: 16mm, HD video, SD video

Selected Screenings:
Other Cinema, SF, CA (expanded cinema); Golden Saguaro, Tuscon, AZ (expanded cinema)

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