Prelude & Song for Koko

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An elephant escapes from the circus and begins a rampage down a city street. His trunk tosses aside everything in his path. We cheer for him. Why? A man sits on an alligator and attempts to tie his mouth shut. The alligator contorts his body, throwing the man off before turning to bite. We are unsympathetic. Why? A life force is being held against its will or once again running wild through the streets. The moment the lion lunges at the tamer we understand his motives. We relate viscerally to his oppression as we connect to the soul of its being.

Video, Music & Text: written, recorded, edited and performed by Tommy Becker

Vocals, guitars, synth & drum programming by Tommy Becker
Voice over work on prelude by Gloria Rios
Dedicated to Hanabiko "Koko" (born July 4, 1971 - June 19th, 2018)

Production format: HD video, SD video

Selected Screenings:
Crossroads Film Festival SF, CA; Southern Exposure, SF, CA; Milwaukee Underground FF, Milwaukee, WI; Athens International Film and Video Festival, Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, NM; Regional Support Network, Toronto, Canada; Open City Cinema, Winnipeg, Canada, Antimatter, Victoria, BC; Out of Focus Video Festival, Oakland, CA, Northampton Film Festival, MA; Other Cinema, Optronica, SF CA, Untitled Art, SF, CA

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