A Roll for Peter

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A collective film by: Dominic Angerame, Roddy Bogawa, Cassandra Bull, Jacob Burckhardt, Jesse Cain, David Gatten, Richard Max Gavrich, George Griffin, Eve Heller, Mott Hupfel, Nikolas Jaeger, Amanda Katz & Josh Lewis, Theodore Rex King, Robbie Land, rebecca (marks) leopold, Paul Marcus, Daryl Meador, Mary Beth Reed, Jennifer Reeves, Dave Rodriguez, Peter Rose, Lynne Sachs, Josephine Shokrian, Fern Silva & students, Jordan Stone, Mark Street, G. Anthony Svatek & Zachary Nichols, Eric Theise, Audrey Turner, Michael Wawzenek, Max Weinman & Jake Carl Magee

Not long after filmmaker Peter Hutton passed away in June 2016, former student Mark Street and colleague and former student Jennifer Reeves put out a call: shoot a 100-foot roll of 16mm black and white, thinking about Peter and his work in solitude. Process it. Submit it. They sequenced the three dozen submissions into movements of double and single projection, and screened the tribute at Bard College and Mono No Aware's X Festival in Brooklyn. Contributor Eric Theise, believing that there was a wider audience for the project, organized a tour that touched down at 18 cities across the US and Canada in the first half of 2017; some screenings paired A ROLL FOR PETER with Hutton originals, others included additional works by the tribute's contributors.

A ROLL FOR PETER features a wide variety of approaches to filmmaking, from impeccable processing in commercial labs to splotchy development in buckets, unslit regular 8mm, single frame animation, full runs of spring-wound Bolexes. Subjects range from the urban or unspoiled landscapes that drew Hutton through abstraction to antiquarian texts and nothing but text. The memorial contains homages to specific scenes in Hutton's oeuvre as well as unspoken, less direct tributes to Hutton as friend and mentor.

The rolls were assembled and digitized by Light Cone Paris / Atelier 105

For more information, see: https://erictheise.com/films/a-roll-for-peter/

Projection Instructions: https://erictheise.com/films/a-roll-for-peter/documents/ARollForPeter-ProjectionInstructions.pdf

Contributor Statements: https://erictheise.com/films/a-roll-for-peter/documents/ARollForPeter-ContributorStatements.pdf

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