Canyon Cinema

Canyon Cinema is delighted to offer a film tour comprising four captivating programs, set to screen throughout the US, and beyond, from November 1st, 2017 through 2018.

These four 16mm programs, composed of 43 films drawn from Canyon's circulating collection of more than 3400 titles, will provide an opportunity audiences to encounter some of the defining works of American avant-garde cinema as they were meant to be seen, while also recuperating forgotten voices and casting a contemporary eye on Canyon's collection. Many of the films in the tour will be recent restorations and new prints.

As part of Canyon's effort to renew its longtime commitment to sustaining a grassroots distribution network for alternative cinema, the touring programs have been designed to be adaptable. In addition to the four set programs, area curators, teachers, and artists are encouraged to organize special programs oriented towards regional accounts of Canyon's legacy. We are especially interested in supporting programs that feature local Canyon filmmakers in order to provide a platform for these artists to reflect on their work in relation to Canyon's collection, history, and culture.

As a component of the Canyon Cinema 50 project, the touring program is meant not only to celebrate Canyon's history but also to point the way towards the organization#s continued relevance as both a purveyor of and advocate for artist-made cinema, seeding the next generation of what founding filmmaker Bruce Baillie described as "a federation of willing devotees of the magic lantern muse."