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Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"R.B.'s new film is a magic dream, airy and clear. Everything you see is a fact, firm and distinct at the moment you are seeing it, a fact of daily life or of extraordinary dance, or of amateur acting, and you recognize each fact too, at a glance. Later, as the film continues, the factual seeing is still the same, but somehow it doesn't feel the same, it feels like a good dream you are dreaming, with a sly and witty tease to it, and nearly weightless.

"The film went on to the end being novel, and I thought its smile was becoming more and more mysterious. Filmmakers often try to make a great film by making it feel heavier than the film is by nature. R.B. seems happy if he can make his feel lighter. That does leave him unique, and he succeeds in it too.

"There is no distortion of image or sound. Its magic invention - including the later dream-weight - is new and inscrutable. It is a film that changes when you watch it again, it has many surprises I haven't mentioned. Take it as a wonderfully touching dream and as an amazing marvel of filmmaking. It is his sixty-first." - Edwin Denby

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