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The music in DRAGON is an excerpt from "La Reine Verte" by French avant-garde composer/musician Pierre Henry. This track is courtesy of Polygram Special Markets. The dragon motif has always been an essential one in humankind's attempt to liberate itself from the struggle between good and evil.

The film DRAGON is such a representation. Light, in the form of fire, is freed from darkness, in the form of the film's frameline. Life (a gargantuan plant) weaves its tangled web around the living (children performing the chore of shoveling snow). Death (the dragon) is omni-present, an angel at once visible and invisible. In the end the conscious (the film image) is liberated from the unconscious (the soundtrack) and the departed soul achieves immortality in the cycle of the ring of fire.

DRAGON was shot and solarized on ECO (Ektachrome Commercial Reversal Film) a decade after Kodak discontinued it. This extinct filmstock had a capacity for rendering subtle tones and definition as yet unparalleled.

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