Donna Cameron

"Donna Cameron is an artist whose vigorous presence in New York has contributed significantly to making it the vital center of the independent film movement. Her curiosity is widespread. ... She's also a painter, writer, photographer, etc., etc. Nothing is safe, neither people nor objects, from the creative appetite of Donna Cameron. If nothing else, I treasure her because she made a film about one of our most important independent artists - a woman I adored - Shirley Clarke.

"Donna works with memory, feelings, poetry, texture, and follows her intuition, as well as with technique and formal invention. If Donna can't make something one way, she'll just find another. In a way she's a chameleon: All styles are fair game. But, at the core, there's always a moral center. I hope she continues to stay here in New York to nudge us - to push us to our limits. ..." - Adrienne Mancia, Curator of Film and Video, The Museum of Modern Art, NY

"Donna Cameron attended the Rhode Island School of Design and received a BFA degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied painting, photography and filmmaking. She wrote stories and produced photo essays about people on the Florida Keys for the Miami Herald, and continued her studies in painting and drawing in Paris in the early eighties. ... [H]er paintings, photographs and films have been exhibited nationwide." - Cineprobe program notes, The Museum of Modern Art, NY

I explore film as a visual artist as opposed to as a commercial producer. I feel that film and painting are mediums which are similar in that creating with them, the artist builds up the image - in film with the frame, in painting with the brush stroke - to record a moment in time.


The Clown (1998)
Mobius (1997)
Dragon (1995)
Fauve (1991)
New Moon (1987)
End (1986)
Unicorn (1985)
NewsW (1980)