Tyger Tyger

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"TYGER TYGER and FAUVE are paper emulsion films made from everyday objects, photos and photographic studies of New York City. The paper emulsion film is a process of film making which I developed in 1978, and which I have been using and improving since. I think of these films as symphonic, or pictorially musical. ... The structure itself is a carefully constructed three-dimensional, multi-layered collage. The various papers, objects, pieces of photos which comprise the 'emulsion' are sandwiched between (a) clear tape strips, (b) paper strips treated with SIAB (a Kodak chemical that makes paper transparent and increases resiliency), or (c) layered between pieces of other objects.

"In TYGER TYGER, a 40-minute paper film portrait of New York City, I explore the possibility of film as a geofactive medium. ... This imagined place, filmic New York, exists. It is tactile and energetic. This is a result of the physical nature of this film. There are no frame lines in the original film. These 16mm sized soft sculptures are visual rhythm strips. The frame line or meter is imposed upon, and then recorded from, the original film object by me and by my camera (or printer)." - From notes by the filmmaker.

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