Beyond Kabuki

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Music: Paul Hansen; Actors: Kooch and Pam Walloch Beard; Art Direction: Tim Miller; Costumes: Kooch.

A hypnotic, visual frenzy of Kabuki imagery gone mad; the magical and ritualistic confrontation between a magenta-haired Western intruder and a Japanese recluse turns into a mesmerizing dance for domination. Live actors and objects filmed in stop-motion animation.

"A blend of whimsey and menace." - Greg Olson, Seattle Art Museum

"A startling effort with a technical polish that belies its budget ... an original vision with a life of its own. A large part of its strength is its disquieting marriage of charm and veiled threat. As it builds to its climax, silent samurai warriors unfold like time-lapse flowers." - Mary Brennan, Seattle Weekly

"Characterized by high-voltage visual style and symbolism." - Kathleen Murphy, Washington

"Dazzlingly surreal." - Richard T. Jameson, Pacific Northwest

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle, Seattle Int'l Film Festival; 14th Annual NW Film & Video Festival; Alternacon Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival.

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