Janice Findley

Over the last 15 years, Findley has made a handful of films that practically redefine "obsessiveness." Often using a time-intensive technique called "pixilation" in which live action is shot frame by frame, Findley has created a sometimes goofy, sometimes arresting cinematic world in which women's hair can stand straight up, people float on two feet of air, and brunch among friends can mean eating newspapers and the furniture. Findley's plots are difficult to describe: They are equal parts illusionistic film techniques and the filmmaker's refreshingly untethered imagination.

Describing I AM THE NIGHT: "... if you imagine Alice in Wonderland done by a collaboration of '20s expressionist F.W. Murnau, '40s surrealist Maya Deren and contemporary Czech animator Jan Svankmajer, you'll have something of the idea." - Randy Gragg, The Oregonian

"Findley's dream-logic is both humorous and unnerving." - Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

"One of the most exciting filmmakers to come along in some time." - Larry Kardish, Museum of Modern Art, NY

My intent is to make narrative films in which the narrative or plot is stripped away to focus on the "underneath." My films are about unspoken things; hidden agendas, undercurrents, subtexts, subconscious fears, buried desires, and most of all they are about dreams - the movies of our minds that we project in our sleep. Using in-camera effects and elaborate costume and set design I've turned my own dreams into films.

Awards and Fellowships: AFI; NEA; Western States Media Arts; Artist Trust; Art Matters; Seattle, King County and Washington Arts Commissions; Humboldt Film Festival; Seattle Int'l Film Festival; CINE; NW Film & Video Festival.

Exhibition (selected): Museum of Modern Art, NY; The Guggenheim; Seattle Art Museum; Toronto Film Festival; National Archives.