Sculpture of Ron Boise, The

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Here is a poetic documentary about this famous contemporary metal sculptor, showing him at work on one of the last pieces completed before his untimely death, some say from the three "D's," Drink, Drugs and Dissipation, but more accurately from the three "S's," Struggle, Starvation and Systemic disintegration. The viewer witnesses the step-by-step process of creation as the artist collects, cuts, shapes and welds cast-off materials into a sensitive human figure. The film concludes with a cine-poem in which Boise's works are elements in an overall abstract experience.

Boise, who lived unusually close to nature, was a pioneer in the use of "available" materials. His works, noted for their powerful feeling and simplicity of design, have been exhibited in museums from coast to coast and are included in many distinguished collections. The track includes sounds and rhythms played by Boise on unique musical sculptures, which he called "Space Flowers."

Awards: CINE Golden Eagle; Third Place Commercial Film, Annual Int'l Cinema Competition, Photographic Society of America; Official USA entry in the Venice, Addis Ababba, and San Francisco Int'l Film Festivals.

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